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Planet Origo

The Callisto set for the Hampshire Jam 8 came around pretty quickly after a long and busy year for Dave Massey and David Wright, culminating in a several last minute panics when new Callisto on-stage member Geigertek's Neil Fellowes was poorly and forced to miss the planned final rehearsals prior to the gig. Then on the day, during set up, David Wright somehow managed to damage cruciate knee ligaments and was forced to play the entire gig seated and in considerable pain. That said, he thoroughly enjoyed the event and not playing was never an option. Neil enjoyed himself too on his first Callisto outing and the new look live line-up means there is a good chance of future Callisto performances.

This years Hampshire Jam was co-ordinated by Ian Boddy (DiN) and Dave Law (Synth Music Direct), and was a thoroughly professional and highly enjoyable event for all concerned if the initial reaction is anything to go by – one big electronic music party with a high quality line up producing varied high quality electronic music from traditional Berlin school to avante garde style electronica. All those concerned with its planning and organization on the day deserve full praise for a job well done.

The Callisto set for the Hampshire Jam 8 was based on music from the long overdue album NYX, and it was decided to use several laptops to trigger sequences from Moog, ARP2600, Jupitor 6, Predator and Albino. Rhythms were from Stylus RMX plus some live toms via Alesis DM5 and then additional laptops ran softsynths that were being used for live playing of pads and leads, ie Omnispheres, Albino, ARP, Moog and Minimoog. Various controllers, Roland JP8000, Karma and MS20 completed the physical keyboards used.

David Wright and Neil Fellowes played extended versions of two tracks: The Lighter Side Of Gravity and The Darkness Of Night and generally they were pleased with the performance. There are often some technical problems, (concerts wouldn’t be the same without ‘em), but mix levels aside, a few bum notes and a slightly ‘off ‘middle section that needed a little editing before release, the performance was okay and Callisto have now released the concert performance through AD Music and Musiczeit.

The audience gave a great reaction to the music. Callisto (David Wright and Dave Massey) are working hard to finish the studio album Callisto for a 2010 release, so hopefully the live Hampshire Jam 8 performance will be a taster of what is to come and a good companion to NYX!!!

Check out these YouTube clips (courtesy of Jim Woodhouse) for a glimpse of what went on and also a .pdf file of the Hampshire Jam 8 program at the bottom of the page:

Callisto Live Performance - Saturday 31st October 2009

Ths set of images shows Neil Fellowes performing his first live set as a part of electronic music group Callisto with David Wright.

Many thanks to Graham Getty of Musiczeit and EM Portal for his permission to use these images.

Many thanks to Callisto's Dave Massey for the following images and also for his permission to use them.