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Musikzircus Magazine (in German)

Groove Unlimited organised an excellent festival of electronic music, but the smaller than usual audience (Bank Holiday and Champions League football final did have something of an effect) were both appreciative and supportive on the day and everyone looked as though they were having a good time.

All of us involved in the "David Wright, Callisto and Friends" set had a good time, even though there were a few technical problems on the day which threw things off balance a little, but nothing that we couldn't overcome with a bit of applied logic and creative thinking. We went into the the event having to change a few things because the Code Indigo lead guitarist, Andy Lobban, had to pull out for personal reasons, meaning that we had to do a shorter, more keyboard-based Code Indigo section with bass guitarist Nigel filling in on some of the lead guitar. Also missing was the input of Dave Massey who lost his father just recently. As you will no doubt know, Dave M is the other half of Callisto in the studio, my role is to replace him on stage.

The set opened with In Another Light & Spirit-Walking from the second Geigertek album The Timeless Mind and these clearly went down well. We then performed Sun Dust/The Canyon from David Wright's Dreams and Distant Moonlight album before a Code Indigo medley of Vapours, Timecode, Syncgate, Rapture and 24 am. Guitarist Nigel then left the stage leaving David Wright and I to perform the Nyx album as Callisto. We were joined onstage by Nigel again and also Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock for the encore, one of David Wright's signature pieces Walking with Ghosts.

Most of the show was complemented by an amazing graphics backdrop, created specially for the set. However, owing to some technical challenges, we were unable to sync them up properly to the music, but apart from a few sections, we really don't think it would have been noticed or would have even affected peoples enjoyment.

We started late because of the technical difficulties which meant we played for over 2 hours without a break and still finished late - apologies to those in the audience who may have missed their train or bus or had to leave before the end.

The feedback and response immediately after the event and over the following few days, made it clear to us that we had succeeded in presenting something of a varied set worthy of discussion because the majority seemed to enjoy the performance. But what we all found interesting, and pleasing, was that some people had particular favourite sections: some thought the Code Indigo section was best, others the opening Geigertek section, others David Wright's part, while the Callisto Nyx performance was other peoples favourite. And some thought that the finale with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock was sublime. It's safe to say that with such diverse comments, we basically succeeded in presenting a varied set that had something for just about everyone.

A huge thanks to Groove Unlimited, and a huge thanks to the audience.

The photographs on this page were provided kindly by Andre Stooker, Hans-Herman Hess, Kees Aerts and David Wright. Thanks also to Olivier Gillard for taking the time to be our "official" photographer for the day and also to his "assistant" Didier Burggraeve.