Code Indigo took to the high seas and crossed the North Sea to take the headline slot of the 2013 E-Day Electronic Music event, organised by the one and only Ron Boots of the Dutch label, Groove Unlimited. Our mission was to take the newly released Code Indigo album, MELTdown, to the masses and with the new line-up consisting of myself and David Wright on keyboards, Nigel Turner-Heffner on guitar and keyboards and Dave "DJ" Bareford on lead guitar. Our venerable co-producer and rhythm programmist, Dave Massey, was not with us on this occasion.

The "Meltdown" album is about the socio-political situation in Europe and in the world, the intention being to register a kind of protest against the greed of the world's bankers for money and power, whose actions are ultimately destroying our home planet. This gig embraced the album in it's entirety, taking on an extended version at around 90 minutes, in contrast to the 70 minutes of the CD.

In addition to the music, we had an amzing and highly impressive backdrop of graphics and images created by our very own Nigel Turner Heffner - we certainly felt that the combination of the these and the music provided for a great show.

The set started with "Welcome To The Asylum", and Nigel had beautifully integrated the titles of the pieces not just in English, but also in Dutch and German, something he carried on throughout the piece. Apparently there were some minor "lost in translation" moments, but the message was clearly presented and received by all.

We played our way through the album, and even with a minor mis-hap with a DI box failing because of a dead battery (we are forbidden to mention 9 volt batteries - there I said it!!), we enjoyed a rounded and tight set, culminating with myself, Nigel and DJ walking off stage, each carrying a briefcase with a different currency symbol for the Euro, the Pound and the Dollar, leaving David Wright to finish the set with the last melancholy chords.

I really enjoyed this performance, and even though I had been unable to put in as much practice as the others because of other committments, I was happy with what we did. Of note is that DJ put in a great performance for his first time on stage with Code Indigo, and you would never have believed how nervous he was earlier in the day.

We enjoyed a great response from the audience after which went back on to play a 10 minute encore comprised of a medley of earlier popular tracks.

All in all, we had a great time, and it wasn't just the performance but the whole weekend. We enjoyed some fabulous hospitality from Ron Boots and his wife Monique and we got to meet and talk with a number of the people who enjoy the music that we all make together and as individuals. We were joined in our "tour bus" by a small group of fans who travelled with us. I hope we didn't scar them for life!!!

As I write this piece in June 2014, I am no longer a member of Code Indigo. My life has taken a number of shifts and changes over the last couple of years and sadly, these changes were such that I couldn't commit to Code Indigo in the way that I had hoped and wanted. But, I have some fantastic memories of my 5 year involvement with the band and 5 years that have perhaos beent the happiest of my life so far. And what a way to go out.

There is a DVD of the E-Day performance called "The MELTdown Concert" which showcases Nigel's fantastic graphical backdrop. It's available from AD Music HERE

Here's a few YouTube clips to give you a bit of a taster:

Photographs courtesy of Stephan Schelle.